How To Make A Corporate Donation

Many corporations support charities to fulfil their corporate social responsibility, give back to disadvantaged groups, and build their brand name and image. If you are a corporation looking to donate, the excerpt below details the benefits of donating and considerations to make when looking for a charity organisation. 

What Are The Benefits Of Donating? 

The immediate benefit of donating is that your business can make a meaningful impact on society. For instance, if you donate to a charity that works with kids, your business moulds the future generation. A company that donates builds a lasting legacy in society and improves its brand image. Typically, customers want to be associated with your brand once they realise that you channel some of your profits to charity. You can also make tax savings once you donate to charities. However, the charity you donate to must be registered as a deductible gift recipient organisation by the Australian Tax Office. 

How Can You Find A Suitable Charity? 

Below are a few tips to ease your search for a charity to donate to: 

The Charity's Activities And Needs

Ideally, the charity's activities should align with your business's core values and mission. For example, if you are in the finance or retail sector, you could opt to work with a kid's charity since it is an opportunity to empower your future clients and leaders. It would be wise to establish the charity's needs. For example, how exactly do they intend to use your donation? These assessments will help you select the charity that seriously requires your donation.  

Assess The Charity's Vision 

In many cases, businesses want to make regular donations to the charity. Therefore, you should assess their mission to determine if the charity intends to continue its good work in the future. For example, a charity that is keen on saving or investing its resources could be planning on ensuring sustainability in the future. 

Examine The Charity's Management 

One of your worries when donating is whether the gift will serve its intended purpose. Therefore, conduct some background research to establish the expertise of the charity's management. Obviously, you would be confident working with charities whose management has an excellent track record and a berth of experience. It would also be wise to go through the charity's books to determine how well they use their monies. 

Charitable donations are sure way to leave a mark in your community. When looking for a charity to donate to, assess the charity's needs, vision, and management. Check out local organizations to learn more about corporate donation opportunities.

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