Having driving lessons after a license disqualification

If you lose your license after repeated loss of demerits or a substantial single incident, you will often need to resit a driving test and have a period of supervised driving before you can get your license reissued. Here are some useful things to do as you prepare for your test and have your supervised driving sessions. 

Review the driving theory

While you might think that you are up to date with the latest driving rules, it can often be a good idea to head back to the theory book and check for any updates. There can often be new or less commonly used theory items that you might not regularly practise that are tested in your driving test, and you don't want to end up failing on a technicality. You can always ask for any of these points to be clarified by the driving instructor before the test if you aren't entirely sure of how the rules would be implemented in practice. 

Review issues related to how you lost your license

The tester will have access to information about how you have lost your license and will be particularly reviewing this aspect of your driving to make sure that you are safe to allow back on the road. Take a look at the issues behind your driving offenses and contemplate ways that you can manage this issue, including making use of a cruise control if you are have had multiple speeding offences, turning off your mobile phone before you get in the car if you have had multiple offences for using a mobile while driving or making a point to take taxis when you will be driving if you have had a drink-driving charge. This can help to show that you have taken the loss of your license seriously and are planning on being a safe driver going forward. 

Find a driving instructor where you have a rapport

It can be hard to get driving lessons when you have been driving for many years, so it's important to find an instructor where you share a rapport. Some driving instructors may be better at teaching new drivers and may not make more experienced drivers feel as comfortable. Finding the right instructor can make you feel more comfortable and help you to make any necessary adaptions to your driving style. 

Finding the right instructor can make a huge difference in your retest.

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